Snejanka, Lourdes y KettyFAE Investiga II Presenta Dra Snejanka Penkova





Integration of Information Literacy skills into the core business currículum at the UPRRP

Ketty Rodríguez
Lourdes Cádiz
Snejanka Penkova

This case study assesses the integration of information literacy (IL) skills into the undergraduate business curriculum at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. Using Detlor’s et al. theoretical model, we identified the salient contributing factors.  The questions are: Which factors advanced or impeded progress toward the integration? How do the experience and knowledge gleaned help to improve the model? Our major findings are: the success is contingent on the level of commitment to collaboration among the faculty, librarians and the administration and the external factors such as political changes and the deep economic crisis wrecked the process. We suggest include the external factors.

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