Quest for Global Competitiveness Conference

The Quest conferences, organized by the Faculty of Business Administration (FAE) of the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus (UPRRP), have the objective of bridging the gap between academic research and the problems faced by the international business community. They encourage empirical and conceptual papers that address the conference themes, advance knowledge, and attempt to provide practical answers required by the international business community to be competitive. The Quest conferences welcomes scholars from economics and finance, marketing and management, law, communications, business education, and other disciplines with an interest in globalization and the global economy.

These bi-annual conferences also open windows of opportunity for members of the business community who wish to share their success stories. They become forums where speakers and attendees put their heads together to find synergy, to forge alliances. The Quest’s vision is to reshape, redefine and rethink the future. These conferences are a living laboratory for sharing collective experiences, best practices and insights on creativity and innovation in business, encouraging a wide spectrum of original ideas paving the way for global competitiveness.

The Quest is an international conference in name and in fact. Each year’s program has been engaging and provocative, relevant to academic scholars throughout the world who have travelled from all corners of the globe to be part of the Quest’s program. The Quest call for papers has engaged the interest of authors from Japan, Spain, México, Virgin Islands, the Guyanas, Malaysia, among other countries. The FAE of UPRRP is proud of its achievements!


The purpose of the Conference is threefold
1. To provide a meeting place for academicians and practitioners to share knowledge that prompts strategic actions for innovation and sustainable global competitiveness.
2. To forge mutually beneficial partnerships between academicians and practitioners with the aim of making business research more relevant.
3. To build a community of scholars interested in research relevant to the business community.

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