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The Ph.D. in Business Administration at the UPR-RP is an intensive full-time program focused on research and dedicated to the development of top level academics. Our program provides personalized attention given our small class sizes, combined with faculty dedicated to top level research. The doctoral program undergoes constant assessment to maintain a cutting edge curriculum, while our faculty works closely with the students to provide the needed mentoring in preparation for careers in research intensive academic settings. International visiting faculty often teach courses, while research brownbag presentations are held during the academic year.

Students in the program build a research portfolio as core and concentration courses require the preparation of conference and journal articles. Similarly, students are required to complete at least one teaching assignment in addition to taking teaching preparation seminars. On many occasions students are provided with support to attend national and international conferences.

Mission: The doctoral program of the EGAE has as its mission the creation of knowledge through research and teaching in International Business and Finance, and the formation of academics for Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Vision: The doctoral program of the EGAE will be an important contributor to the development of faculty and the creation of knowledge on International Business and Finance in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Latin America.


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Application requirements*

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  1. Pre-requisites are minimum requirements for admission. Final decision on admission is based in the ranking of candidate among the pool of applicants and available occupancy in the cohort.
  2. Students who choose to defer their admission to the Ph.D. program to the next academic year will not have a guaranteed admissions. They will have to go again through the scrutiny of the admissions committee and final decision on admission is based in the ranking of the candidate and available occupancy in the cohort.

PhD in International Business Brochure (Spanish) (English)


Links for current students

Doctoral Guide: provides program rules and guidelines, course requirements, recommended course sequences, and much more. Required reading for all doctoral students.

Writing support for thesis and major projects is available (English and Spanish). To find out more about this service click here.

Certificación 51: Política Académica para los Estudios Graduados en el Recinto de Río Piedras de la Universidad de Puerto Rico (REVISADA al 25 de enero de 2018).

Ph.D. Course Syllabi/ Prontuarios

Format for Doctoral Thesis


For more information please email the program coordinator