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About the program

The MBA program at the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras is designed for busy professionals who want a solid business foundation geared towards ethical decision making with an emphasis on innovation, technology, and an international perspective. Courses are taught in the evening and our new structure allows students to complete the degree in two years.

Vision: To be an MBA program of outstanding quality; our graduates will be business leaders with excellent capabilities, motivation, creativity and professionalism.

Mission: To develop competent leaders and business managers in the practice and integration of entrepreneurial and administrative sciences; and to promote global perspectives, social responsibility, and ethics in business studies.

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MBA Program structure and courses

Minimum application requirements

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MBA Course Syllabi/ Prontuarios

Institutional policies and forms

  • Certification 38: General guide (revised in 2012) that governs all graduate studies at the UPRRP (Estudiantes admitidos entre 2012-2013 hasta 2017-2018)
  • EGAE policies
  • Student information form
  • Academic progress form

For more information contact the MBA program coordinator: Dr. Víctor Quiñones (